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Tri Wheel

Tri Wheel

The Tri Wheel is a STEM PBL interactive eBook of handheld touch screen-controlled (a minicomputer) technology that utilizes Bluetooth communication. It is driven by its 2 rear wheels driven separately, that is supported by a front ball wheel. It uses an Arduino Uno Rev3 as the main microcontroller board on its circuit assembly and communicates with a self-made minicomputer used as the handheld computer.

Before purchasing the product, the free eBook needs to be accessed for it is a pre-requisite of this project. Go to the Page of the free eBook.

The STEM PBL Contents:

1. STEM PBL. Contains the following information:

     a. Information on the commercial parts that can be purchased.

     b. Detail information of the parts to be 3D printed

     c. Softwares needed to download.

     d. Necessary Tools, Equipment, and Consumables.

     e. Detailed instruction on how to assemble all the parts.

     f. Codes to be programmed

     h. Expected output upon execution.

2. 3D Files.

     a. 3D STL for 3D Printing.

     b. Can also be modified before manufacture for advanced users.

3. Codes.

     a. Arduino Codes to be uploaded to the microcontroller.

     b. Processing Codes to be installed on the handheld computer.


1. Touch Screen Controlled via Bluetooth

2. Easy to find commercial parts

3. 3D printable parts

4. Easy to install and upload codes

5. Easy to find and download Softwares

6. Customizable GUI controls

7. Arduino compatible

8. Basic / Intermediate Robotics 


1. STEM Education

2. Reference or Templates

3. Collectibles and Toys

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